Ministries We Will Visit / Work With

Below are the links to some of the ministries and organizations we will be visiting or partnering with this summer. As I continue to gain permission to list these organizations I will update this page. Please check back!!

  • Boanerges Deaf Initiative – A school for Deaf Children. Here we will be spending most of our time. We will be playing and teaching crafting lessons as well as learning Uganda Sign Language. We will be handing out socks donated by Broadfording Christian Academy.
  • David’s Table Ministry – A school and church. Here we will be playing, teaching crafting lessons, as well as learning more Luganda.
  • Bwaise Worship Center – Our primary “Uganda Church” where we attend most Sundays. They also showed me how they run their pre-existing crafting circle so I can learn from Natives how to best start and run circles in other regions.
  • The Bible Society of Uganda – Where bibles, including children’s bibles, are bought in the local language. This is also the location of the Concert for the Deaf